No Display Blank Laptop Screen

Blank Laptop Screen

No Display On Laptop Screen - Laptop "TURN ON" but there is no display Or Blank screen, the sign is when the power button is pressed, the indicator lights glow, fan street but there was no display on laptop screen. Logically we ignore the power and the fact that the laptop battery still showing signs of life. Next we Suspect other parts.

Possible damage:

The main memory is damaged
VGA damaged
Monitor damaged
Hard disk is damaged

Because the laptop but the laptop does not have live view then here are some solutions
If you strongly believe that the power supply or battery and the laptop works well proved there is no any display monitor screen, notice is there a particular sound when the computer is turned on like a long beep and a certain distance. If not then there is the possibility of damage to the mainboard circuits, microprocessors, or the ROM BIOS.

If there is a rather long sound repeatedly at a certain distance, then there are 2 possible damage to the VGA card or RAM memory.

If it was not long beep over and over again but it's likely the damage is or VGA display adapter
If an audible beep is long and continuous, then the damage is in SIMM RAM. Therefore it can try to exchange it with other RAM SIMM.

When POST-ing no display but when going into display Operating System window is missing. Check the CPU Speed ​​in Advanced Menu in BIOS Setup whether appropriate or not. CPU Speed ​​setting that does not match / exceed the nominal value, causing these problems arise. Fix any changes.
If the above steps do not resolve the problem, then chances are broken laptop CPU.

The above case can also be caused by damage to the Hard Disk Hard disk, especially damage to the regulator. If this happens then the only LED indicator lights up only power, while on the screen there will be no view at all.

In some cases CD ROM regulator damage may also cause this too happen. To test the other, remove hard drive, CD ROM and test the laptop again. Other possibilities exist in the Monitor.

Blank Laptop , Hopefully it never happened with you :)

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