Alienware Company History

Alienware Company History - Alienware is a manufacturer of specialized computers for the kids and the game is now fully taken care of by Dell, the company was founded in 1996 by Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila.

Given the name "Alienware" because the first author is the host of "The X-Files" (TV show about aliens) on one TV station in America. Central office located in Miami, Florida, United States, adjacent to the office of "mother" that is Dell.

Alienware was originally a stand-alone company in the field of computer hardware, but since it was purchased by Dell in 2002, Alienware began to move into the field of Games as a sophisticated notebook makers. Interestingly, until 2006 profit from Alienware did not go into the pockets of Dell because there is no takeover of the company by Dell.

On 25 March 2009 yesterday, the Alienware began to think to shut the computer hardware manufacturing plant in Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland, and in Miami, Florida because production costs are too expensive.

However, Alienware remains a dedicated gaming notebook manufacturer of the best notebook because of the quality produced is astounding.

Some Alienware Products

Alienware M11

Alienware M15

Acquisition and Status

Dell bought Alienware considered since 2002, but did not take any action until the March 22, 2006, Dell agreed to buy the company entirely. Alienware have access from Dell to supply, purchasing power and economies of scale. Autonomy in terms of design and marketing still be given to Alienware.

Initially, Dell XPS maintain product, which has a specification that is not much different from Alienware. Thus affecting sales XPS Alienware. Due to corporate restructuring in the spring of 2008, the XPS brand finally in scale-down. PC gaming product development is part of Dell's gaming division, with the Alienware into Dell's major game brands. On June 2, 2009, Alienware M17x Alienware introduced as the first / branded Dell. Alienware is now a premium product from Dell.

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